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Thousand Views Trail

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4 staging areas for the trail. One is located off of the 72, one in Lyman, Bicknell, and the Sand Creek staging area comes in from Torrey


The Thousand Views trail is for ATV’s only. There are several places to stop and hike further up the mountain.


The trail is 31 miles long. Plan extra time in case of rough roads and for taking time to explore the area.


Moderate to Difficult. Use wise judgment when driving on the road. Weather conditions can change rapidly causing parts of the road to become impassble and difficult for even the most experienced rider.


The trail goes up and around Boulder Mountain. At some points the elevation can be up to 9,800 to 10,000 feet. There are many steep inclines.

This trail can only be describe in one way: breathtaking. There are so many different views that are unique and separate from the last. The diversity around every corner will open up a whole new side of southern Utah’s beauty.


This loop was designed for an ATV only. The ATV can be no wider than 50 inches, including the wheels.


The weather varies greatly and will affect the road conditions greatly. Be sure to check the Visitors Center before starting out on your tour


The weather varies greatly and will affect the road conditions greatly. Be sure to check the Visitors Center before starting out on your tour.


There are several places to start the trail. We reccomment that you stage from a commercial area. Even if you are planning to camp along the trail. This is not only for conveince to you, but for your safety.

Name (Click name below to view map) GPS Latitiude Longitude
Thousand Views Trail 38d20’54” N 111d33’20” W 38.348451 -111.555573
Take in the Views

Take in the Views

The trail is called “Thousand Views for a reason. At the Red Canyon Overlook you will see Hell’s Hole, which you can hike in to see the full view. The southeast side of the trail opens up to a view of the valley below with the towns of Lyman, Torrey, and Bicknell. Lookout Point mile each way o main road and Deep Lake Overlook is is not far from the lake.

Get a closer look

This trail is lined with several places to pull over and go for a short hike. There is plenty of wildlife that you will be able to see it’s natural habitat as you take a minute to explore the trails. The scenery alone is enough to make someone get a little closer to the area that surrouonds it.
Get a closer look
Do it at your own pace

Do it at your own pace

Take advantage of the beauty along the trail.The trail is lined with different places to park and have some fun. Neff Resevoir is a mile hike, round trip from the trail where you can do some great fishing and a have a beautiful view. There are also two campgrounds, Deep Creek and Elkhorn, where you can make homebase for the day while you explore the different parts of the trail.
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