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South Caineville Mesa

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Approximately 1.5 miles east of the motel in Caineville you will pass through a gate and park 100 yards past it to park above the wash.

This is a hiking only trail.

The length of this trail is 2.8 miles, (4.2 km). The trailhead elevation is 4543 and rises 1400 ft.

Hard This trail is moderate to difficult because of the steep elevation gain.

Move to the southwest toward a rough gray soil wash and find a way into the wash (7 feet deep). If there is water in this wash, look to the southeast for another way down.

EQUIPMENT This trail requires no extra equipment to complete. ENVIRONMENT Make sure to pay attention to the weather. The first part of the trail may be flooded depending. SAFETY Because of the steep incline it will be safer to do this hike were it nice weather as parts of the trail can be slippery in the rain or snow. TRAIL TIP Once on top you will find a registration box about 100 yards south of the rim. Be sure to put your name down!
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South Caineville Mesa 38.344887 -110.984874
Take in the Views

Take in the Views

The views from the top go in all directions and are just breathtaking, no matter when you climb it. To the west you will see the Boulder Mountains, and to the south you will see the majestic Thousand Lakes Mountain, Factory Butte, and the Henry Mountains rising from the valley floor.

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You will cross the Fremont River and move south and slightly east into the open valley toward the mesa. Look for the trail that goes up the ridge lines on the lower section of the foothills of the mesa. From this point you will ascend 900+ feet to the top of the mesa. This is good steep climb, but rewarding when you are at the top.
Get a Closer Look
Do it at Your Own Pace

Do it at Your Own Pace

When you reach the top, look south about 1 mile and you see a small cabin on the horizon. This is a historic cabin built by ranchers who herded sheep and other animals on the mesa. Be sure to plan some time to go check it out.
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