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Sheets Gulch Trail

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This trail is located 13.3 miles south of Hwy 24 on the Notom-Bullfrog Road.


This is a slot canyon for hiking only.


The length of this trail is 5.1 miles, (8.2 km) one way. The elevation at the trailhead is 5167 ft. with an elevation gain of 450 ft.


This trail is moderate with some difficult parts where most people will need assistance while climbing.


The terrain is mostly rocky. There are a few dry washes and obstacles that would be difficult to negotiate alone. The trail continues from the last mapped point into Capitol Reef National Park.


Be sure to have good hiking / climbing shoes.


The weather will greatly affect the trail as the rain will flood parts of the wash. Be sure to know the weather.


Be sure to always hike this trail with another person. Some parts are difficult and require assistance.


This slot canyon is beautiful so be sure bring a camera and take the time to take pictures.

Name (Click name below to view map) GPS Latitiude Longitude
Sheets Gultch 38D 6’52.7″ N 111D 4’14.68″ W 38.114639 -111.070744
Take in the Views

Take in the Views

As the wash winds it will become increasingly more narrow. 3.5 miles into the hike is a beautiful vertical arch on the bench to your. You can ascend the bench (20 feet) at various locations and walk up to the Arch.

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Douglas Fir begin to appear on cool, shaded north slopes, and the canyon walls begin to change from the white Navajo to the red Wingate. A good place to turn around and come back would be six miles in. Here are cottonwood trees that surround a intermittent seep.
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Do it at Your Own Pace

Do it at Your Own Pace

The most difficult obstacle along the route, another dry fall and pool, is encountered 3.5 miles from the road. A good climber will be able to negotiate this alone, but most people will need assistance from another person. So make sure you don’t rush and take someone with you so you can complete the whole trail.
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