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Poison Spring

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The staging area for Poison Spring is just off HWY 95. There is a sign that will indicate the location.


This is for OHV vehicles. Other vehicles are not restricted, but this is a challenging trail.


The Poison Spring trail is 16 miles each way. Plan 2-2 1/2 hours each way for this trail.


This trail is considered to be very DIFFICULT. Be aware that bad weather will cause the trail to become even more difficult to travel.


This trail consists of road, wash, and narrow passages. After storms, there are areas that become impassable because of the flooding.


This trail is recommended for OHV only. Be prepared for any mechanical needs as this is a remote area.


The weather varies and will affect the road conditions greatly. Be sure to check the Visitors Center before starting out on your tour.


If you run into problems, help may not be able to arrive right away so make sure you are prepared with enough food, water and clothing.


This trail is not recommended during heavy rains as that causes muddy conditions.

Name (Click name below to view map) GPS Latitiude Longitude
Dirty Devil River Crossing N 38d05’49” W 110d24’24” 38.096944 -110.406667
Poison Springs Staging Area N 38d08’15” W 110d36’22” 38.1375 -110.606111
Hwy 95-Poison Spring Junction N 38d08’30” W 110d36’36” 38.141667 -110.61
Get a closer look

Get a closer look

This road is a straight shot from Hwy 95 to the Dirty Devil. Along the way there are several canyon trails that lead down different washes. Make sure to take some time to explore the more remote parts of this area.

Do it at your own pace

The Poison Spring Rd crosses the the Dirty Devil and continues on. In total the trail can be up to 100 miles, depending on how far you want to travel. If you pack enough fuel and equipment you can camp along the way. You will enjoy the solitude that this beautiful, yet remote area provides.
Do it at your own pace
Take in the views

Take in the views

The road to the dirty devil may be difficult in parts, which is why people ride it. It challenges even the best of riders.
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