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Hemlock Meadows

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LOCATION Approximately .5 miles up the road toward Sunglow Campground you will park just after a pond on your left. Travel north and then veer east to continue on the trail. TRAIL TYPE This trail is a short, easy hike. DISTANCE Hemlock Meadows is 1.3 miles, (2.1 kms). The trailhead elevation is 7152 an the elevation gain is 383 ft. DIFFICULTY  Easy This hike is easy. Some sections of the trail are steep because of the elevation gain, but it is still relatively easy. DESCRIPTION The walking surface is fairly packed sand and harder dirt. This will be easier to walk on in the early part of the year and may loosen up in warmer summer months.
EQUIPMENT This trail is for hiking only and requires no extra equipment. ENVIRONMENT The weather is usually good. If it is raining the path will be more difficult due to mud. SAFETY Make sure to take the usual precautions before starting the hike. TRAIL TIP This is a great hike for any age. Be sure to be careful while walking through the meadow.
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Hemlock Meadows 38.340242 -111.528203
Take in the Views

Take in the Views

As you move northeast you will enter a beautiful canyon. Here you will want to stay on the left hillside as their are two washes below that are difficult to negotiate. You will soon begin to see the center of the canyon become a gorgeous meadow that sprawls across two thirds of the canyon floor.

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At the back of the trail the canyon breaks into two forks. To reach that fork you will have to walk through the meadow. The fork trail will end just beyond the meadow. Be mindful of where you walk. This is a beautiful short hike.
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Do it at Your Own Pace

Do it at Your Own Pace

This hike is great for any age making it family friendly and fun. It is short and easy to accomplish so it is great anytime of the year. Also, its close location to Bicknell makes it easy to access.
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