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Geyser Peak

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LOCATION This trail can begin just off Highway 72 at Forsyth Reservoir (west side) or three miles up the road east from Forsyth Reservoir where there is also a trail head at Riley Springs. TRAIL TYPE This trail is for ATV. Some areas have 50” restrictions. DISTANCE This trail is just under 11 miles long. DIFFICULTY  Easy This trail is relatively easy. Some parts of the trail are al little more difficult, but can be done. DESCRIPTION This trail is mostly a maintained dirt trail. Some parts of the path are more rocky than others, but can still be easily negotiated.
EQUIPMENT This trail has been designed for ATV’s only. ENVIRONMENT The weather is generally good, just be aware of it so you are prepared. SAFETY Be sure that your ATV is no wider than 50” because of some parts of the trails and their restrictions. TRAIL TIP This is a good trail for younger riders and the perfect trail for a picnic! Take some time and enjoy the day!
Name (Click name below to view map) GPS Latitiude Longitude
Forsyth Reservoir Staging Area N 38d31’16” W 111d31’37” 38.521111 -111.526944
Hwy 72 / Elkhorn Rd Junction Staging Area N 38d30’37” W 111d31’27” 38.510278 -111.524167
Riley Springs Staging Area N 38d30’33” W 111d28’49” 38.509167 -111.480278
Geyser Peak Trail / Elkhorn Rd Junction N 38d30’44” W 111d28’33” 38.512222 -111.475833
Dispersed Camping Areas N 38d30’50” W 111d28’25” 38.513889 -111.473611
Hwy 72 Summit Staging Area N 38d34’53” W 111d28’43” 38.581389 -111.478611
Take in the Views

Take in the Views

As you bend to the north you pass several areas where you can enjoy views into the east of Cathedral Valley, and further northeast toward the San Rafael Swell. Views go east over the Dirty Devil River and Canyonlands National Park, as the Manti La Sal Mountains near Moab. The trail descends into a long scenic valley before ascending again and turning west to Highway 72.

Get a Closer Look

As you follow the road east below Geyser Peak and it will wrap north around the peak. On this trail you’ll pass through beautiful alpine forest areas of junipers, aspen, pine, and spruce.
Get a Closer Look
Do it at Your Own Pace

Do it at Your Own Pace

You can either return on this trail to the trail head or you can loop back by including the Tidwell Slopes trails on the west side of Highway 72. Their are optional trails that lead south from Riley Springs to Pole Canyon (2 miles) and Elkhorn Campground (4 miles) along the northern rim of Thousand Lakes Mountain. (50″ width limitations)
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