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Dark Valley Trail

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LOCATION The staging area for this trail is at the Ranger station between Bicknell and Loa, or you can stage at the Great Western Trail. TRAIL TYPE ATV/Jeep/4WD and pick up. Be aware that there are different types of vehicles that do this trail often. DISTANCE This trail length can very depending of what you decide to do. Recommended loop is 20 miles long. DIFFICULTY  Moderate Moderate. The Dark Valley Shelf trail are difficult and ATV/OHV ONLY! There are no width restrictions anywhere on the trail. DESCRIPTION This trail can have pot holes and trees that have blown over across the path. Most of the the time the trail is good and clear.
EQUIPMENT This trail has been designed for ATV, Jeep, 4WD or truck. ENVIRONMENT The weather varies greatly and will affect the road conditions greatly. Be sure to check the Visitors Center before starting out on your tour. SAFETY It would be beneficial to you if you take something up that could help you clear away brush and trees that have fallen on the trail. TRAIL TIP There is some private property located on this trail and so it is important to respect the people who own it by staying away. In case of emergency contact the ranger station.
Name (Click name below to view map) GPS Latitiude Longitude
USFS Aquarius Ranger Station N 38d11’43” W 111d34’34” 38.195278 -111.576111
Dark Valley Staging Area N 38d10’20” W 111d34’59” 38.172222 -111.583056
Dark Valley Shelf Trail N 38d06’14” W 111d36’00” 38.103889 -111.6
Blue Lake N 38d04’57’ W 111d34’15” 38.0825 -111.570833
Purple Lake N 38d04’23” W 111d34’22” 38.073056 -111.572778
Boulder Top Trail N 38d02’55” W 111d34’22” 38.048611 -111.572778
Boulder Creek Trail N 38d02’45” W 111d34’40” 38.045833 -111.577778
Do it at Your Own Pace

Do it at Your Own Pace

Best way to ride the trail is to follow the east side of the broan road heading south to the green shelf road. Then follow the red raod around to Big Lake. If you want a more challenging path, follow the west side and travel north on the Shelf trails.

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The Dark Valley Shelf Trails provide amazing opportunities to see different types of wildlife. Elk, deer, antelope, and on occasion, bears have been sighted on the Shelf trail. There are also many kinds of birds that call this area home. Be sure to be on the lookout!
Get a Closer Look

Take in the Views

Take in the Views
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