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Cottonwood Wash Trail

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LOCATION This trail is located 9.1 miles south of Hwy 24 on the Notom-Bullfrog road. TRAIL TYPE This trail is hiking only. DISTANCE This trail is 3 miles each direction for a total of 6 miles. DIFFICULTY  Moderate Moderate, with some opportunities for rock scrambling, and negotiating narrow passages. DESCRIPTION The wash is open for about a mile and then it narrows into the slots. Depending on the season, there may be pools of water and obstacles along the path. The trail requires some agility.
EQUIPMENT You will want shoes that are conducive for walking in water,and clothing that dries quickly. ENVIRONMENT Cottonwood Wash could be very dangerous in rainy weather due to flash flooding. SAFETY Be careful while hiking this trail. Falling may cause severe injury. Do not hike if there is any chance of rain in the area. TRAIL TIP Make sure that you hike with a companion. This trail can be difficult and it is best when you have someone there so you can help each other along when needed.
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Cottonwood Wash Trail 38d09’57.23″ N 111d05’21.75″ W 38.165897 -111.089375
Take in the views

Take in the views

The Cottonwood Wash may not be as noticeable from the road, but the colorful array of red and white sandstone is a sight that you won’t want to miss. The rocks and formations are the result of water erosion over thousands of years and now create a beautiful view for hikers year round.

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This slot canyon will make you feel like you are deep in the center of the earth. The narrows in some parts are just wide enough for a person. There dark spots in the middle of day and the towering cliff that almost come together to create the slot will leave a person in awe.
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Do it at your own pace

Do it at your own pace

This trail requires some physical strength and make sure that you don’t get so caught up in just completing it that you miss out on the beauty along the way. Be smart while hiking through the wash and be safe. Also make sure that you have a hiking buddy so you can help each other along the way.
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