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Cathedral Valley

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LOCATION The loop connects to Highway 24 at the Hartnet Road and the Cainville Wash Road. TRAIL TYPE The Cathedral Valley Loop is a SELF-GUIDED auto tour. The loop is opened to travel all year. DISTANCE The loop is 60 miles long. Plan extra time in case of rough roads and for exploring the area. DIFFICULTY  Moderate Easy-Moderate. Use wise judgment when driving on the road. Weather conditions can change rapidly causing parts of the road to become impassable and difficult for even the best off-road vehicles. DESCRIPTION A Natural Attraction The unique landscape of the Cathedral Valley has fascinated travelers for years. Named for its visual similarities to the temples in Egypt and Gothic-style Cathedrals, this valley has views from nature that will amaze even the most cultured of world travelers. With monolith formations and desert vistas that are millions of years old, the Cathedral Valley has very little that will ever compare to it. Part of the Loop goes through Capitol Reef National Park on a B.L.M. road. There is no charge to pass through the park on this road.
EQUIPMENT This loop was designed for 4WD vehicles or a high clearance vehicle. ENVIRONMENT The weather varies greatly and will affect the road conditions greatly. Be sure to check the Visitors Center before starting out on your tour. SAFETY If you run into problems, help may not be able to arrive for days so make sure you are prepared with enough food, water and clothing. TRAIL TIP Make sure that you check the weather before coming to Cathedral Valley. When you are actually going to do the trail, be sure to have the most recent weather report. This will provide you with the ability to make better, more safe decisions when you are on the trail.
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Cathedral Valley 38d29’20.922″ N 111d21’32.6226″ W 38.489145 -111.359062
Do it at your own pace

Do it at your own pace

There is no rush for anyone to do the tour quickly. Located half way through the tour there is a six site campground available to the public. This is in a great location with great places and views to explore within a short distance. Wood and water are not supplied so be sure to have enough to last through the duration of your stay.

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The Loop is lined with several places to park and go for a short hike. Pay attention to the road markers and stop for a short hike in many different spots. Some great points of int River Ford, Bentonite Hills, The Hartner, Gypsum Sink Hole, Factory Butte, Temple Of The Sun and Temple Of The Moon.
Get a closer look
Take in the views

Take in the views

There are several places to stop and take in the incredible views. The distance indicated depends on your starting point. Lower South Desert Overlook – Hartnet 14 mi, Cainville 44 mi Lower Cathedral Valley Overlook – Hartnet 17 mi, Cainville 41 mi Upper South Desert Overlook – Hartnet 27 mi, Cainville 31 mi Upper Cathedral Valley Overlook – Hartnet mi 27.5, Cainville 30.5 mi
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