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Burro Wash East

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LOCATION The staging area is 1.2 mies off Notom Rd. inbetween Hwy 24 and Burr Trail Rd. TRAIL TYPE Open to any motorized travel. The purple rd is ATV, and the orange trail ADVANCED. DISTANCE This trail is about 5 miles one way. DIFFICULTY  Moderate Open to any motorized travel. The purple rd is ATV, and the orange trail ADVANCED. DESCRIPTION The whole trail is B class county graded and maintained road. The surface type is bennonite clay and sand.
EQUIPMENT Any motorized vehicle, unless in an otherwise marked area. ENVIRONMENT This is an all-season trail, as long as the roads are not wet or covered in snow. SAFETY You must stay on the road while riding. You will be fined if you ride in the wilderness area. TRAIL TIP There is wilderness preservation area surrounding this trail so be aware of where you are going. The areas will be marked.
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Burro Wash Rd/Notom Rd. Junction N 38d11’13” W 111d05’37” 38.186944 -111.093611
Burro Wash Staging Area N 38d10’36” W 111d04’40” 38.176667 -111.077778
End Burro Wash Rd/Staging Area N 38d09’54” W 111d03’41” 38.165 -111.061389
Old Mining Area N 38d09’45” W 111d03’20” 38.1625 -111.055556
Bloody Hands Gap N 38d10’06” W 111d01’56” 38.168333 -111.032222
Blind Trail Pond N 38d09’35” W 111d02’49” 38.159722 -111.046944
Blue Notch N 38d09’46” W 111d00’29” 38.162778 -111.008056
Take in the views

Take in the views

This trail will take you to views that are unique to this part of Utah. Without the usual red rock that southern Utah has been patched with, this beautiful white rock adds a unique and welcomed diversity to the area. This is definitely an area that you will want to see.

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Venture east from Notom Road into the rough foothills and mesas on the northwest edge of the Henry Mountains. This trail is a mix of easy and somewhat challenging terrain with options to visit unique attractions along the way. Views of the Henry Mountains, and the eastern edge of Capitol Reef.
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Do it at your own pace

Do it at your own pace
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