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Blarney Trail

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LOCATION This trail is located 22 miles south of Hanksville just off of Hwy 95. TRAIL TYPE This trail is for hiking and canyoneering. You can just hike or if you have equipment you can do some repelling DISTANCE The trail is about 4 miles round trip. DIFFICULTY  Hard This trail is considered difficult. The tight narrows and pools of water make many part of this trail hard to negotiate. DESCRIPTION As you follow this trail while hiking, you will come to obstacles that are too difficult to pass. This would be an ideal place to turn around and hike out.
EQUIPMENT This trail requires complete hiking and climbing technical gear to complete the entire hike. ENVIRONMENT Generally the best time of year to do the slots is the fall so as to avoid flooding and heat. SAFETY Avoid doing this canyon, and any of the other ones during the rainy season. Flash flooding creates a more dangerous situtation. TRAIL TIP Because the trail is so narrow in some areas, it would be wise to wear old clothes that you don’t care to get scraped up and have holes in because you will get caught!
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Blarney Trail 38.02105 -110.54482
Take in the Views

Take in the Views

This hike, though shorter than the other Irish canyons, has some incredible twists and turns. The very narrow pathway is carved out of the beautiful red rock that is common to the area.

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The Blarney slot canyon is so narrow at some points that you will almost be scaling the wall to overcome obstacles along the way. It is an exciting experiece to accomplish these trails because of how difficult, yet fun, these trails are.
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Do it at Your Own Pace

Do it at Your Own Pace

This trail offers several two different route that will determine the length of the trail. This trail is fun to explore so take the time to explore the canyon.
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