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Angel Point Trail

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LOCATION There are 2 staging areas at the north and south accesses of the Sandslide road off of Hwy 95. TRAIL TYPE All motorized OHV’s will be able to do this trail. At the end of the road there is a short hike to the Point. DISTANCE The Sandslide Rd. loop is 18 miles long. The trail to the Point is 4 miles one way. DIFFICULTY  Easy There are a few little rocky patches but nothing to worry about. DESCRIPTION The trail has all maintained roads. The surface type is sand and red dirt. The trail is also an all-season accessible trail.
EQUIPMENT This trail has been designed for OHV, motorcycle, ATV, jeep. ENVIRONMENT There is a little snow in the winter and rain in the spring. This trail is great year-round. SAFETY When it is raining be cautious of the run off that will be on the trail. Make sure to check the weather and be able to recognize potential danger. TRAIL TIP Make sure to bring your camera. These are the kinds of views that you won’t want to ever forget.
Name (Click name below to view map) GPS Latitiude Longitude
Angel Point West Trailhead N 38d18’23” W 110d32’58” 38.306389 -110.549444
Angel Point East Trailhead N 38d18’23” W 110d30’42” 38.306389 -110.511667
Sandslide Road South Staging Area N 38d14’10” W 110d38’51” 38.236111 -110.6475
Sandslide Road North Staging Area N 38d18’11” W 110d31’28” 38.303056 -110.524444
North Point Overlook N 38d16’17” W 110d31’28” 38.271389 -110.524444
Take in the Views

Take in the Views

Angel Point has some of the most incredible views that you will see in this area. You can see into several different canyons and valleys. The Henry mountains stand majestically in the distance. The views at the Point and the other overlooks that are marked along the road will leave you speechless.

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The short hike to Angel Point at the end of the road, will give you the opportunity to experience the area at a closer range. Take some time to be adventurous and explore the area! You can even climb right down to the Dirty Devil and get a closer look at it that way.
Get a Closer Look

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