Watery Wayne Wonderland - Capitol Reef

Watery Wayne Wonderland

Spring was late in coming this year and after a few days changed to monsoon season. We often get afternoon thunderstorms in Capitol Reef Country, they form over the mountains and slip off the tops to refresh small areas each day. This monsoon was far wider spread than usual, they had rain as far away as Death Valley! And it soaked large swathes of our area every day for several weeks leaving the desert green and the back country roads in dissarray.
All that seems to have changed for now: Even areas of the park like Cathedral Valley, which often bake in the summer, have been kept much greener than usual by the storms

The back country roads have been made “rugged”, though they will soon be repaired now that the weather has changed

The South Desert had a lake in the middle out near Jailhouse Rock

Under an almost clear sky a raging gray flood passed through a wash near Factory Butte. Rain never fell on this part of the desert, a strong storm passed quickly by near the butte.

The Fremont River took on a more familiar color of Capitol Reef Country

Up in the high country the reservoirs and lakes are all full and the surrounding lands covered in lush green vegetation and brightly colored flowers. Johnson Reservoir, just north of Fish Lake, is the source of the Fremont River.

Storms of course make for beautiful sunsets.

Though the weather is calm now the afternoon thunderstorms will undoubtedly return occasionally during the remaining months of the summer. A flash flood can occur at any time there is rain around even when there is none in your immediate area. Meanwhile enjoy the greenery and clean washed cliffs left behind by the Storms of 2011. (All pictures © 2011, Bob Palin)

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