Thankful for Scenic & Visitor Diversity - Capitol Reef

Thankful for Scenic & Visitor Diversity

Capitol Reef Thanksgiving With the Thanksgiving holiday coming next week in the United States, it seems appropriate to write about a few things that we are thankful for in the Capitol Reef Region.
Blue sky and clouds - Capitol Reef

Blue sky and puffy clouds provide a perfect daytime canopy.

Clean Air: Wayne County, Utah (Capitol Reef Country) is a mostly rural part of the great state of Utah, and our region does not suffer from the challenges that face metropolitan areas such as water or air pollution.  Currents blow fresh air across our varied terrain, and water comes from clean fresh sources such as springs and melting snow on our high mountains.

A clear Utah night sky.

Clear views of the night skies: Our mid to higher elevations bring us closer to the stars, and our clean and clear air means that this is one of the best places in the west to view the night sky.
Cathedral Valley

Cathedral Valley at Capitol Reef National Park

Wide open spaces: Whether you enjoy walking, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, or touring in a jeep or ATV, we all have space to roam in Capitol Reef Country.   Federally managed forest and open country spread in all directions inviting the local or visitor alike to enjoy the freedom and resources of this fine region within the United States.  View activities list here.

Domes formations at Capitol Reef National Park

National park and more: We are certainly grateful for visionary people who saw fit to protect the lands in this region, forests, and back-country.  Plus were glad for the ability to use and care for the land with farms, homes, communities, roads, and trails.
Pronghorn Antelope

Pronghorn antelope grazing on the open grasslands

Wildlife: This is literally where the deer and the antelope play.   Mule deer, pronghorn antelope, and even bighorn sheep are some of the large animals that can be viewed in this region.  This is still the wild west, and bears, mountain lions, bobcats, and large birds such as eagles and vultures thrive in Capitol Reef Country.

Serving dinner for two couples at one of our excellent local restaurants.

Great hosts: Capitol Reef Country was settled by pioneers who were trying to make the best of life and their descendants, along those who have come to live here more recently, really strive to properly host visitors from around the world.  Famous American radio announcer Paul Harvey once spoke of this region saying in essence that the scenery is one thing, but “aren’t the people great!”  So we’re thankful for the wonderful friends and neighbors that live in the communities of Fremont, Loa, Lyman, Bicknell, Teasdale, Grover, Torrey, Caineville, Notom, and Hanksville.

Hikers on Red Rock in Capitol Reef

Quality Visitors: We feel blessed to live in a place that so many fine people want to come and visit.  We know that when you visit us it’s because you have an appreciation of the great ruggedness and natural beauty of this world.   We invite you to come again, or come for the first time, to see all that we are THANKFUL for.

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