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6 Incredible Dog-Friendly Hikes in Utah’s Capitol Reef Country

If there’s one thing Utah’s good at, it’s the great outdoors. Utah has so much to offer in the way of hiking, camping, and just spending time in nature. From deserts to mountains, its variety of biomes ensures that you and your dog will never get bored of exploring. Hiking is a great combination of exercise and seeing all the earth has to offer, and dogs get just as much out of it as humans. If you’re looking for a fun, beautiful way to wear your pup out, here are six dog-friendly hiking trails in Utah.

1. Angel Point Trail

If you’re looking for some of the best views available in the area, Angel Point truly delivers. The Henry Mountains loom impressively in the distance, and you can see into many different valleys and canyons along the way. The trail is 4 miles one way with maintained roads of red dirt and sand, and it’s accessible at any time of the year.

2. Curtis Bench

This unique trail features a variety of desert vegetation and both red and white sandstone. It’s a short hike of about 2.1 miles, and its park-maintained surface makes it easy and fun for all ages. This trail gives you a close look at the geological formations that make Goblin Valley so unique and intriguing. You also get a great view of the Henry Mountains along the way.

3. Fremont River Trail

This trail follows the north side of the Fremont River just below the Beas Lewis Flat, which allows for some stunning views of the river valley. Because of the water, there are many different types of vegetation and wildlife that you won’t see on other trails. Be aware of this and try not to disturb any animals you see. At 2.5 miles, this trail is fairly easy as long as you stay on it. If you’re one who likes to wander, things become quite a bit more difficult off-trail. Bring gear if you care to go fishing or stop for a picnic.

4. Hemlock Meadows

This hike is just 1.3 miles, but with an elevation gain of 383 feet, it gets steep at some points. Overall, it is a short, gentle hike through a beautiful canyon meadow. In the canyon, be sure to stay on the left hillside to avoid the two washes below that are difficult to navigate. It is also close to Bicknell, which makes it easy to access.

5. Horseshoe Canyon

The road leading to Horseshoe is 25 miles, while the actual hike once you get there is just 2 miles. There are restrooms at the end of the trail. This hike is unique because of the rich history in it. There are Native American petroglyphs, rock carvings, and cave paintings to be seen.

6. Little Wild Horse Trail

This hike goes through a slot canyon in the heart of the San Rafael Swell. If you choose to follow the full Little Wild Horse/Bell Canyon Loop, it’s about 8 miles, but Little Wild Horse itself is just over 3 miles. On a clear day, the sun peeks through cracks in the rocks, dappling the canyon with rays of light. It’s a popular hiking spot with lots of twists and turns through a narrow sandstone canyon. It’s a unique and beautiful hike that’s fun for everyone. These are just a few of the easiest dog-friendly trails in the area. Click here for the full list of all the hikes Wayne County has to offer. Get yourself and your dog out on a trail today!

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