Bicknell Bottoms

BIRD WATCHING WONDERLAND Bicknell Bottoms is a 670-acre wildlife habitat located along the Fremont River, about 3.5 miles southeast of the small town of Bicknell. This designated wildlife management area was once the site of a shallow lake. Now the mix of wetlands and farmland are particularly attractive to waterfowl and other birds such as marsh wren, northern harrier and southwestern willow flycatcher. The area is something of a bird watcher’s paradise, with spring and fall migrations offering some of the best opportunities for sighting large flocks. HOW TO GET HERE To reach Bicknell Bottoms, take UT-24 southeast from Bicknell for 2.5 miles. Turn right (south) on Aquarius Plateau road, which crosses the Fremont River. Continue along this road for about a mile. This marshy section of land is owned by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and foot access is permitted. (Other lands in and around Bicknell Bottoms are privately owned or managed by the BLM). There is also access from Bicknell by traveling south on 400 West for two miles to the Fremont River.


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