Donkey Reservoir
Donkey Reservoir
Donkey Reservoir
Donkey Reservoir Map

Donkey Reservoir

This loop was designed for an ATV or a OHV only.

Some areas of ther trail can be washed out due to weather. Be sure to be aware of the conditions before starting out.

Make sure you have all the gear and equipment that you will need. Wear a helmet and other protective gear to protect yourself.

Trail Tip
There is dispersed camping areas along the trail. All of these campgrounds are very limited and have no services. Be sure to take all your equipment up if you plan to camp.

Both staging areas are located just off Teasdale Rd. on the Bullberry Rd and the Donkey Reservoir Rd.

Trail Type
ATV and OHV. The trail is well marked and usually maintained by the state of Utah.

Staging area to Donkey Reservoir is 6.8 miles.

Difficulty  Hard
Moderate-Difficult. Weather conditions can change rapidly causing parts of the road to become challenging and difficult for even the best ATV riders.

For the most part this trail is a maintained trail. Mostly it consists of dirt with a few rocky parts.

Trail Coordinates / Points of Interest
Name (Click name below to view map)GPSLatitiudeLongitude
Donkey Reservoir Rd Staging AreaN 38d15'58" W 111d28'32"38.266111-111.475556
Bullberry/Donkey Res.Trail IntersectionN 38d15'39" W 111d29'25"38.260833-111.490278
Teasdale Staging AreaN 38d16'59" W 111d28'39"38.283056-111.4775
Bullberry Staging AreaN 38d16'45" W 111d29'34"38.279167-111.492778
Bullberry Trail/Aquarius GWT IntersectionN 38d16'16" W 111d30'25"38.271111-111.506944
Coleman Reservoir RdN 38d15'28" W 111d29'7.3"38.257677-111.485361
Donkey ReservoirN 38d12'12" W 111d29'15"38.203333-111.4875
Do it at your own pace
Do it at your own pace
The trail head coordinates will give you a head start on taking time to explore some part of the area.

Get a closer look
On this trail, you will see the largest Ponderosa pine that has been discovered in the Dixie National Forest. This natural land mark and others add to the appeal and beauty of this trial. Take sometime to get off the ATV and experience the beauty first hand.
Get a closer look

Take in the views
Take in the views
There are several places to stop and take in the incredible views.
This trail has absolutely incredible views. Be sure to take the time to ride into Coleman Reservoir, Round Lake, Donkey, and Left Hand Reservoir.

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Donkey Reservoir