Local Flavor

Local Flavor

Cowboy Style Poetry

By Local Poet - Ray Conrad

SPRING THING - By Ray Conrad
It’s spring in Wayne County. The day has more hours.
The fruit trees all have bunches of flowers.
They shine just like a veil of gossamer.
They couldn’t hardly get more blossomer.
They look nice, til you realize
That actual fruit makes better pies.
So, spring is nice, but so is fall,
With cherries, and peaches, and pears and all.
A bloom-laden orchard’s a visual treat,
But I’d dig an apple pie to eat.


Good news in our part of Wayne County, and I just don’t mean maybe.
Rexie called and told us that The Black Mare had her baby.
A little colt, we understand, we haven’t seen him yet.
With all the kids in that family, he’s sure gonna be a pet.
We’re kind of involved ‘cause Mama spent two months grazing our grass,
So we are sure the little guy will have some style and class.
I’d guess his chances to grow up big are prob’ly not the worst
‘Cause Mama always managed to get to the hay-trough first.
There’s lots of trucks and ATVs here in Wayne County, of course,
But, all in all, they don’t stack up to a cute little baby horse.


Ditch-Bank Asparagus - By Ray Conrad
The way I view the matter is that one of nature’s riches,
Is bunches of wild asparagus, by the irrigation ditches.
In spring the water gets turned in, and there, in multitudes,
Grow lots of little pointy spears, one of my favorite foods.
You break ‘em off and eat ‘em raw. That is one good way,
Or take ‘em home and bake ‘em in a tasty cheese souff lé.
Just chop ‘em up and toss them with a salad, freshly picked,
Or f lood them with some hollandaise, like in Eggs Benedict.
Pickled wild asparagus spears are so good you can’t beat ‘em,
And being’s they’re free adds to the joy and pleasure when you eat ‘em.
Feed ‘em to me any old way. I promise not to fuss,
‘Cause let’s just say I’m partial to that wild asparagus.


Poems by Ray Conrad and other cool stuff can be found on his web site:
www.RaymondConrad.com.   For more information call 435-425-3790