Loa, Utah

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Play Wayne County Headquarters
Loa is the Wayne County seat. First settled by Mormon pioneers in 1876, Loa—meaning high, large and powerful in Hawaiian—was named by missionary Franklin Young who had served in Hawaii. The name seemed fitting as Loa, at 7,045 feet, has one of the highest elevations of any county seat in Utah. The town was incorporated in 1919 and today has a population of 514. Although relatively small, Loa is the county’s banking, shopping and education center. In addition to the local government offices, the county courthouse houses Doc Inglesby’s famous rock collection. A monument on the front lawn honors war veterans.

Museums and Parks
Loa’s two parks are named after prominent locals. Harold Brown Park is named for a resident who died in World War I. Turner Park was named for the family who donated the park acreage to the town of Loa. Town attractions include the historical Wayne Stake tithing office, built in 1897, a museum owned and preserved by the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. The Tabernacle, located just south of Turner Park, was dedicated in 1909. Loa is also home to the Aspen Achievement Academy, a wilderness program for troubled youth.

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