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Hanksville Today

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Hanksville Utah

A view of the landscape - looking north from Hanksville

Hanksville is about an hour from any other community, but its location—central to Capitol Reef, Arches and Canyonlands national parks, Glen Canyon, Goblin Valley, the San Rafael Swell, the Henry Mountains, and Robber’s Roost—can’t be beat.   It’s a gateway town to some of the coolest things Capitol Reef Country has to offer.  It’s simply surrounded by awe-inspiring landscape formations.

Goblin Valley

Goblin Valley State Park is just minutes north of Hanksville, Utah

Hanksville was only incorporated a handful of years ago, but it’s been an important presence for more than a century.  With a past as colorful as it’s landscape, Hanksville was known for being an outlaw hideout, and for stores of gold and uranium buried deep in the earth.  Now scientists and visitors alike flock here for another amazing, fairly recent discovery: dinosaurs.  The Hanksville-Burpee Dinosaur Quarry is a must-visit, especially during certain summer weeks when paleontologists are on site.  And after you’ve stepped back in time, move forward into space with a visit to the Mars Desert Research Station.  Thanks to the incredible red rock terrain it’s one of only four simulated Mars habitats in the world, and best of all you won’t need to make a space odyssey, since it’s only 7 miles from Hanksville.


A view to the west over the downtown area of Hanksville, Utah

In spite of its remote location, Hanksville is pretty accessible from all directions, and you’ll be driving across spectacular landscape on the way. Head west on Highway 24 to Capitol Reef National Park, or south to the Henry Mountains. Highway 95 south takes you straight to Hite Marina on Lake Powell. And speaking of getting here, did you know charter flights are available at the Hanksville airport?

Hanksville Sign

Looking south from the crossroads of Hwy 24 and 95. Mileage to other destinations are shown.

Gas, food, and lodging are available here, so you can stick around for a few days to take advantage of the location. For lodging and dining options click on the links.   With a few markets, gas stations, convenience stores, auto repair and towing, and even a houseboat station, you should have just about everything you need to make Hanksville your next base for a Capitol Reef and Canyonlands area adventure!

Moonscape Overlook – Skyline View

Saturday, July 6th, 2013

Sometimes you come across a view that just blows your mind. That’s the case with the Skyline View overlook of the Blue Valley near Factory Butte.  You could fly to the moon and quite possibly not see something that looks so “Moon-like” as you will see here.  Wayne County is know for its terrain that looks extraterrestrial and this view won’t disappoint.

Skyline View - Blue Valley - Moonscape

We suggest you see it in the later afternoon or evening when the sun will be behind you and you can view the long cast shadows across the desert floor.  You’ll also see the Henry Mountains in the distance to the south.   On a clear day you can see east past Hanksville and across Canyonlands National Park and possibly to the Manti LaSal Mountains.    Behind you is majestic Factory Butte and you can find various angles from which to photograph this grand formation.

This Skyline View and Moonscape Overlook is not far off the beaten path (a few minutes) and is definitely worth the stop anytime you are in the Factory Butte area.

Get there from Hanksville (view this Google Map link)

Get there from Caineville or Torrey (view this Google Map link)

You can also use this itinerary that includes more details about the Skyline View. (LINK)

This map shows the approximate location of the Skyline View - Moonscape Overlook

There is a very good surface dirt road that leaves highway 24 and runs just to the east of Factory Butte, and then you turn right for about 1 mile and go to the rim. The Henry Mountains are visible in the distance and the terrain looks just like what you might find on the moon.  It’s very impressive.

The closest lodging to this location is Caineville on the west and Hanksville on the east.